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The Edge of Never by Jessica Ann Redmerski

Ok so I know I promised to put out my review on the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout except I've just been distracted because I read this book called The Edge of Never which is by Jessica Ann Redmerski (obviously because you've seen the blog title and the book cover but anyway..) – I just wanted to get my feelings off my chest for that book before I can even focus back on the Lux Series.. (And if your wanting an update ! I'm about 1/3 of the way through which means I've finished the Obsidian section of the post.. At the moment I'm reading Opal (Lux #3) and it is really really good ! but that is another story for another day.)

Hmm how should I even start with The Edge of Never.. ~I think I'll start with the things it taught me and then work backwards: plot outline, characters and a little bit of English analysis to the cooking pot for this scrumptious recipe~ This book first started out as a little bit of a cliché for me, there were a couple of times when I felt like putting the book down.. but that was before the book started to suck me in – the biggest thing the book has taught me is to live in the moment..

“You dwell on the past, you can’t move forward. Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards, or you stay stagnant in the same place all your life.”

“Live in the moment.. where everything is just right, take your time and limit your bad memories and you’ll get wherever it is you’re going a lot faster and with less bumps in the road along the way.”

Basically these two quotes sum up the whole book.. But the challenge is to actually do it. It might be written in a book but it is a lot harder to actually do than it is to say. This book revolves around two people – Camryn Bennett and Andrew Parrish who both are total strangers to one another, however they find themselves on a bus traveling to nowhere, both are trying to find or regain their lost lives – Camryn's past drives her to leave town after her fall out with her bestfriend (since year two) over Damon (Nat's boyfriend who has been eyeing Camryn since year seven in school) and Andrew is traveling to Wyoming to visit his father who is dying of an inoperable tumor in his brain. On the bus, the pair grow to like each other a lot. They stick together and their relationship starts to blossom – each with their own quirky nature both seem to bounce off each other constantly – you can feel the underlying romance starting to blossom before they do ! .. It isn't until a run in with the Parrish family that you see the strength the two of them have together, she trusts him after saving her from the clutches of a sick man at a bus station and she returns the favor by sticking it to his bossy sibling Aidan.

~But hold on.. You'd think the story stops there wouldn't you well it doesn't~ the pair decide to journey back to Texas on a road trip of sorts – the pair's relationship reaches a new high after they decide to open up to each other like both of them haven't before. Andrew coaxes Camryn out of her tall and unyielding stronghold she has built around herself to hide her past from the world. Andrew teaches Camryn to indeed live "out-of-the-box" instead of dreaming – to actually conquer fear and to actually embrace her gifts and to ultimately live a whole life again.

~I enjoyed Camryn as a character, right from the get go I felt a connection with her~ At the start of the book, Redmerski presents Camryn as a sort of dependent and lost woman, but it really wasn't until she decided to do something with her life that the onion layers really started to peel back... ~Sorry that I likened her to an onion, she isn't like an onion although there were times where I almost cried.. ~ Camryn actually had the guts to stand up for herself and actually embrace life (with the help of Andrew of course) – she developed into a woman who could say what she wanted and actually went for it. She was strong enough to accept the past and to finally lay it to rest.

Andrew was the sort of guy that all women should want (except you must remember that this is just a story) – he treated Camryn like she held his world in her hands – and she did. You could tell from the start that they were out to achieve things together, he was taught to be a man (or more like a stereotypical version of an "alpha male" – he was drilled to not talk about feelings because according to his father "crying is for pussies." He seemed strong and masculine at the start of the book – however Camryn managed to strip away the armor he wore to protect himself from any emotion that threatened to tear him apart – she taught him that being emotional was okay ~And it's true – having emotion and showing it is what makes us human~ she gave him enough strength to conquer his demons...

BUT. THE SECRET.. *Queue the dramatic music* I got about 4/5 into the book and I was questioning the whole secret sort of thing. I mean up until then there was nothing of the sort – but trust me when I say this, it came out of nowhere. ~Look I can't really tell you what the secret was, but I can tell you it explained a lot about different tensions in the Parrish family... And trust me I'm trying really hard at the moment to not spoil it for you.. ~

The plot was really great up until the last bit of the story, the story rushes over things a lot in the end, it seemed as if Jessica had to rush to finish the book or maybe even conform to a fixed word count. She seemed to rush and gloss over the tie ups ~what I mean by that is the little "what ifs" in the story to the characters – she didn't explore enough detail and to be perfectly honest the story didn't end with a boom – more of a lessened bang – I felt less impacted even though the story built up perfectly... ~ However regardless of that small problem with the book it was really really good and I loved it, to be honest it isn't a book I'd read over and over again (this book is like a twice read book). I'd recommend this book to people who want to learn some really impacting morals, love characters that have demons to face and those who love a romance that isn't only built upon sex but memories and experiences (but trust me the sex scenes were good too – they weren't over the top like some books I've read, the book focused on an actual relationship rather than just a physical one). I liked it a lot and I hope you do to.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crow's Row by Julie Hockley

Crow's Row -- what an enthralling read. ~OK so I read the blurb and wasn't that fussed -- but you know the great saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" (well blurb in this case) well that's what I did and I got totally proven wrong~ This book grabbed me from the start -- it seemed like a detailed pop-up book ~Yes I know I am comparing it to a child-like layout sort of book~ when it seemed like you had everything sorted out -- more things would unfold and the book would pull you in so much more...

So lets step back inside the book and talk about what happens -- basically the book revolves around Emily Sheppard, a freshman university student at Callister University -- a girl who threw away her rich status to live a "non-cliché" life. Emily is plagued by her older brother's (Bill Sheppard) death -- Emily lives in a half existence life while trying to figure out why her brother died. One day she runs into Cameron ~Yes everyone he is the dark, brooding, mysterious hottie also known as the love interest~ while visiting her brother's grave -- but what she doesn't know won't kill her -- Cameron is the key to figuring out Bill's death and Emily is consequentially kidnapped when she witnesses a murder. Emily is dragged into the criminal drug world of Cameron.

Emily, I really liked her lots and lots ~To be completely honest with you I didn't fall in love with her as much as I expected to..~ she portrayed a sense of innocence in the first 1/3 of the book -- yes that would be expected but I didn't like how she lived a half-life.. it seemed as if she just existed rather than thrived in the first part of the book.. ~Ok so I like ballsy chicks in books.. Obviously this girl didn't have any to start off with -- I was a bit disappointed with that.. But hey its not like all characters have to be the same..~ It wasn't until she got involved in the criminal underworld where things really started to heat up.. ~Yes this girl gained some customary strength everbody -- be proud, because I certainly was~ I liked that Hockley actually built her into her own -- It gave her a real sense of genuinity.. This girl made tough decisions and I actually liked that she stuck to her guns, Hockley managed to actually manipulate the story to reflect her strengths rather than have her flail around.. It was clearly evident that being a criminal was Emily's piece of cake -- I liked that she was able to hold her own against everybody ~Yes I know that I've already said it -- I'm repeating it because it is totally true -- to be honest I couldn't deal with anything if it was a real life situation~

Oh mmmi gosh ~yes I'm spelling it wrong just to show you how frustrated I am~ Cameron was just a total love-hate sorta guy -- there were definitely times in the book where all you could do was just shout at the book or just be totally frustrated about what he did... although I do admit there were tender moments to him and I praise him for it -- the things he went through to get where he was.. totally amazing ~I mean I could never be strong enough to break the poverty cycle and just overcome total hardship -- yes turning to criminal acts wasn't the best choice but Hockley sort of made it the only choice that was good enough for him.. I'm actually going against my morals and saying that it was a good choice~ Cameron is a strong and mysterious character -- there is a hard and strict part of him that I cringe at most times -- yes he leads a effective drug ring but the choices he makes affect a lot of people ~Yes in a bad way~ but is "apparently" good for the business.. But there is a tender part to him that makes you totally fall for him ~He isn't like Gideon Cross (from Sylvia Day's Bared to You Trilogy) or Christian Grey (from E.L. James' the Fifty Shades Trilogy) who are totally over-controlling/dominating guys -- who are actually heavily affected by their pasts~ that is a good thing because there is a prescence of emotion there -- he doesn't have the urge to dominate but rather is more reserved but has emotion ~I can't find words to explain it -- I'm actually happy that this isn't a BDSM book~

The relationship between the two was really really sweet -- Cameron made Emily strong and Emily released Cameron's emotions and made him less tense ~Yes that sounds like it was constant sex sex sex but it wasn't -- to be honest I don't enjoy sex books that are all sex and no plot -- they have to have a balance~ This was the sort of book that didn't need sex to be a good book -- the plot made up for it immensely ~I actually can't remember if they even did the deed -- hang  on why the hell am I talking about sex when it is supposed to be about the relationship!~ I really felt sorry for Emily in the climax of the book and the ending put a big strain on the relationship ~I would've done exactly what she did -- trust me that when I say that it was bad, it was BAD~ The thing I didn't like about this relationship was the trust part -- Cameron didn't trust Emily when it came to criminal matters, he didn't keep her in the loop and in some situations this didn't help at all ~yes I do see his reasoning behind it -- he didn't want to taint her soul and all -- that was fair... but he didn't understand what Emily wanted~ But there is both to blame -- Emily didn't trust that Cameron loved her with all his heart and strived to satiate her needs -- she didn't value herself enough to understand that she was worth the fight.. ~All in all, this relationship I felt was actually genuine and was innocent and sweet~

The secondary characters were actually very enjoyable, I loved Carly and Rocco the most.. they had the most genuine feel about them -- not only that but both of them were really fleshed out ~That is what I loved about this book -- yes the protagonists were fleshed out effectively but so were some of the secondaries -- that is the key to a good book~ ~I really connected with these characters which I liked a lot because that usually doesn't happen in some books..~

Wow, just summing up the whole book is a big task -- basically it was one of my favourite books I have ever read, the plot is actually really really creative -- I loved it because I couldn't predict what would happen next.. The characters are really really great -- they are easy to connect to and have a real sense of genuinity to them -- they are really fleshed out well and the thing is -- it is only the first book in the series.. I would recommend this book to any young adult reader who doesn't even sway towards these types of books because this book will draw you in. Just read it -- It was amazing for me and it could definitely be amazing for you! So go out and read it.


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Get Excited!

Ok so as you can see, I have deleted all my posts that have anything to do with the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and anything to do with the Nevermore Series by Kelly Creagh..

~No it's not because they are absolutely shitty books~

*Drum roll please*

I'm going to be doing a post on all of the Lux Series in one big extravaganza!
Oh and don't forget about the Kelly Creagh's best work -- I'm going to be doing one on that too.

But first I need to finish my post on Julie Hockley's "Crow's Row" to even think about starting these two tasks.. And let me tell you these will be BIG!

Sorry I'm just really excited -- after a long years wait Kelly Creagh's Enshadowed (book #2 of her Nevermore Series) is finally coming out today.. Also I just got off the high called Onyx (book #3 of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux Series) that was released on the 16th of August -- it is an amazing book so do check it out..


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Crash by Nicole Williams

So do you know how I was going on about this "Revamp Project" going on, I had to push it back because I read this totally great book called Crash by Nicole Williams. This book is really really fantastic, this book is like Beautiful Disaster (by Jamie McGuire) standard.. and I was shocked -- this was a huge heart ache for me.

I was really really amazed with the quality of this book, the first book I read from Nicole Williams was "Fissure" which I really wasn't fussed about. This was a big turn around for me she really developed an emotional connection in Crash -- the characters were completely believeable and were actually explored. So let me tell you this is also an achey rollercoaster -- the story revolves around Lucy Larson who moves to her holiday house after her father's business empire falls apart -- struggling with her mother's salary as an architect... She literally crashes into Jude Ryder (a.k.a the Love Interest for those of you who don't know) ~I think that's why the song is called that? I wouldn't know..~ Yes it sort of starts off as a lusting? Lucy thinks he is a total dickheadd and Jude is totally convinced that she is totally stuck up and wayy out of his league... They were both wrong..

This is a story about how opposites attract -- a boy from the wrong side of the tracks -- whose life has been surrounded by crime all of his life -- a boy who has been rejected. shamed. indignified... a girl who had it all but lost the game of life -- but managed to start again -- a girl who transformed -- sweet. innocent. vunerable. strong.

Lucy Larson, WOW. I actually liked her a lot... she was everything you could want in a girl lead.. she was strong and could actually stand on her own two feet. Also she was really innocent and really sweet she actually treated everyone equally.. However I was a bit unhappy with her choices – she was easily manipulated ~Yes I know it goes against the whole "she is soo strong and I love her" thing that I have going on...~ Lucy didn't trust and when she did it always turned out wrong.. I also didn't like that she was so involved with Jude that she didn't make any sort of solid friendships.. She seemed pretty volatile at times – she easily jumped from conclusion to conclusion – she seemed to lack any sort of faith in anything really..  ~Now that I said all that I'm really starting to doubt whether the positives actually outweigh the negatives~

Jude Ryder where do I begin? I actually liked that he attempted to change (and change he did).. Some of the guys in the books I have read usually decide just to plot along with their same-old attitude and expect the girl to play catch-up.. I'm glad this didn't happen because this guy's ego is pretty big.. This boy is arrogant, hot, edgy and criminal – I guess that's the bad-boy package you get when you read the book... Now there are some issues here – Jude's criminal past comes into play in this book – I mean he does criminal things to woo Lucy ~I felt really disappointed and felt like saying that it "isn't a way to get girls" – and I did and was really frustrated when the book didn't answer back – am I freaking you out because I'm freaking me out with this babble that's streaming through my head~ Also Jude is really really edgy and overprotective when it comes to his life and especially to Lucy.. Some of his reasons are completely valid – he had a rough childhood and was basically thrown around the fostering system but that doesn't give him permission to micromanage things that are wayyy beyond his control.. But let's forgo the nasty and lets focus on the good things – this boy is driven – I mean really driven as in standing-up-in-assembly-and-proclaiming-your-love-kinda-way but not just once, TWICE.. I admire that – all just for one girl... Jude didn't dilly-dally around playing does-she-love-me-does-she-not game he actually knew he was completely and irrevocably in love with Lucy so he completely went for it.. ~I know you guys are both waiting for another BUT and it's coming..~ This guy has huge trust issues – Lucy the same. ~I'm not gonna offer any more until the next paragraph ;)~

The relationship was basically the big rock of the whole novel – Jude's and Lucy's relationship is totally swoon-worthy and altogether frustrating – both of them don't trust each other – they both let things get in the way because they both jump to conclusions – it was really heartbreaking... It also leaked passion – yes both of them seemed to run on different frequencies for a chunk of the story ~yes, they had totally sweet and passionate moments – and I was thinking YESS then other times the fighting would totally take over and I felt like yelling NOOO~ but it wasn't until they both solved the big underlying issue in their relationship that they actually clicked ~No I'm not gonna tell you... As the "clicking" was postponed until the end of the book, I felt like it needed a bit more to it~

I really liked that Nicole set these characters up as polar opposites and really fleshed them out – it gave depth to the story..

Secondary characters, since Lucy didn't really make friends other than Sawyer ~yes, I'm going to have a big rant about this guy~ unless you count Holly at the end... So Holly seemed really great I mean kudos to Nicole for fleshing her out in such a short amount of book ~Yes, this girl causes Lucy to break up with Jude~ Now for the über-bastard Sawyer ~excuse my colourful language~ this guy is amazingly manipulative and just a downright jerk – not to mention heavily narcissistic, angry and vindictive.. ~every time I think about what to write I just shudder from what went on from him in the book~ The guy seems totally cool and popular and friendly but his beauty is only skin deep...

This book is a great young adult book – a book I recommend to those who love forbidden romance, a romance between two polar opposites and those who just want an entertaining read... This is probably the best I've read by Nicole Williams and the first of the Crash book series and I stress that you should read it..

Until next time.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy #1) by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil. What an absolute stunner. The first few words of the blurb "Embrace the Forbidden" just pure magic -- those three words basically summed up this dazzling deal. Like my last review (Stephanie Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss) I've been meaning to write this for months but haven't had the time ~School, work and reading have really left me little time...but since I've started writing I just can't stop -- I lurvvee it~ This book is the most original take on demons/angels/nephilim I've read so far -- it is truly unique. So here goes -- "there is a head demon for each of the seven deadly sins – lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride to serve Lucifer ~Satan/Devil -- however you want to say it... its all the same -- but please don't delve into the intricacies of it -- I'm not the most religious person~ the nephilim, are the servers of the demons whose sole purpose is being bad influences on humans (to cause the humans to divulge in the seven deadly sins as mentioned above)"

~Wait... how haven't I mentioned any of the characters yet? I'll get to that after giving a spiel about the plot~ During the beginning of the saga Anna lives a pretty sheltered life under the guardianship of Patti, a freelance photographer who adopted her after her birth. A southern girl who is sweet and innocent discovers her dark side after meeting hot-mysterious drummer Kaidan. Living an extremely sheltered life takes it toll as it is revealled Anna is half nephilim and the other half angel ~I guess you could call her middle ground of the demon-angel-spectrum~ Anna demands answers ~Obviously... who wouldn't?~ Kaidan is the first she turns to... Badda bing badda boom *queue "Love is in the Air" music*.. ~So what we've established -- the sparks have definitely ignited between the pair~ But Anna needs to stay away from Kaidan but can't find the strength, she also needs to journey to California to find the last existing angel on Earth. Marna, Ginger, Kopano and Blake (Kai's nephilim friends) are whisked in to help. But let's not forget the demons, Anna's father decides to make an appearance – he has tried his hardest to conceal his daughter's existence from the other deadly sins demons even Lucifer himself. What has lasted 17 years is now uncovered and Anna is made to serve her father by the request of the other demons – many possibilities surrounding her existence and love life arise as Anna fights for survival.

Usually I really hate characters with that southerner drawl – but there are times I disregard these sorts of things, especially for the well written books ~Like I haven't worshipped this book enough~ This book was really well written Wendy Higgins managed to seduce me with Anna ~I'm not going to mention Katy from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Obsidian, Anna from Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss, Ana from E.L James' Fifty Shades of Grey, Sydney from Richelle Mead's Bloodlines, Isobel from Kelly Creagh's Nevermore, Nora from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush, Abby from Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster... Trust me the list of my favorite female characters are endless~ Wendy just injected small amounts of drawl in the right places ~It made the story so much easier – definitely less cringeworthy~ Anna is definitely a strong character – she's loyal and joyful, but she also has a sense of innocence surrounding her ~I think it's because of her heavily sheltered life~ This innocence can be totally understandable but really frustrating ~Especially when it gets to the hot romance scenes~ Wendy really fleshes out Anna especially her feelings towards her adoptive mother Patti, Kaidan – the love interest and Marna, Ginger, Blake and Kopano. I really enjoyed that this girl had an inner journey and broke free of her quiet nature to become a strong and independent girl when things got tough.

Kaidan, Kaidan, Kaidan – ever the bad influence... But don't worry he's a complete package – mysterious, badass, swoon-worthy hotness ~I'm thinking you want me to continue and say he's $9.99 at Macy's or something... Sadly no~ There are sometimes that I absolutely love him but there are other moments when I scream out in annoyance/frustration when he makes the worst choices. Wendy, did you really have to set him up to think bad about himself and better yet; be a conformist nephilim with a streak of all of those juicy things mentioned above. Wendy's writing flaunted Kaidan's qualities frequently – it was just an all out battle of badass vs innocence the whole book. The guy lacks guts and courage and bravery – that is a definite must ~if he could just for one second take that leash that is around his neck I would be proud~ I'll definitely be waiting for the time because a lot of things about him (including the spice scenes) seemed highly reserved – I'm thinking it was to build onto the next book. Yes I did enjoy Kaidan but him holding back the whole book was a little disappointing, regardless he played his gig as the love interest pretty damn well.

The diversity in the secondary character line was impressive to say the least – Kaidan's friends (Marna, Kopano, Blake and Ginger) had different personalities ~I was refusely thanking Wendy for not doing the same cliché of characters in the book – what I mean by that is, she didn't feature like the cheerleaders/jocks cliché into the book~ I liked the idea that each character either personified their sinful qualities or were in a different stage of their individuality ~What I mean is that each nephilim character fought their conforming nature to their demon in their own way~ The banter. ~Yes that did deserve its own sentence~ The banter between the group was hilarious – a definite highlight of the book.

Oh and the cliffhanger ~It can seriously go die in a deep, dark hole where I can't feel it's vibes until the release of Wendy next book~ It fulfilled its purpose perfectly – totally emotional, well written – it was basically like a car crash without airbags... It was so abrupt but just kept me hanging on for more.

Its a bit hard for me to wrap up the book in a few simple sentences... Basically It was a very striking and original and amazing book I've ever read about in the angels and demons genre. The book is definitely slow building but is well worth it during the climax. It is definitely a start of a tale that you could read over and over and over again and simply enjoy. I cannot wait until the next book ~I even had to not abbreviate cannot in that sentence because saying it the long way adds so much more meaning to it~ I recommend those people who absolutely love a YA romance that features heavenly angels, hellish demons and all that's in between. So go out and read it I beg you! One of 2012's best so far ~I'm not gonna list all the other fantastic books of 2012 because that would take forever~


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The Revamp Project

Heey viewers!
I'm really sorry for not posting any new posts recently because i've been humming-and-harring about what I want to do with my blog... Yes yes I am still going to be posting reviews on spectacular up-coming/new release books. The whole reason the post is called "The Revamp Project" is because i've decided to redo my previous/earlier reviews (which haven't been very much of a review rather a slag wall – btw are the shorter ones at the beginning of my blogging experience) so they can be up to my newer standards – so what does this mean? Well the reviews i've been planning to do (in my "Coming Soon" section of the blog) are going to be pushed back a little while. But do stay tuned because my "Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins" review is in its final stages so that is going to be posted for the world to see. Also another thing – school has decided to knock on my front door and beat its way into my house (I'm currently beginning my 2nd week of school and I have loads and loads of homework and assignments to complete so that will definitely slow my whole project progress down)

But do pleassse stay tuned to my page and more updates will be on their way


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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I've been itching to write a review on this book for a while, but since I have had to hold off my reviews for while to hit the study books... I haven't got around to it so I apologize.

Anna and the French Kiss blew me away, I've read this book about 3 times so far and Stephanie Perkins has managed to suck me in each time. This is one of the good books that must be read.
In the story, Anna is shipped off to SOAP (School of America in Paris) by rich and shallow author dad; Anna is outrageously homesick, lost and insecure as she assimilates into the city of love. Call in the bestfriends (Josh, Rashimi, Meridith and Etienne “St. Clair”) who befriend Anna and drag her out to experience the city – Paris. Anna harbours a crush on Etienne – and vice versa ~This is one of the best couples I have read about so do check it out~ but there are things both holding them back from true love – ~hmmm lets see, well there’s Ellie (St. Clair’s girlfriend) and Toph (Anna’s offshore-crush), also there’s Meredith (who’s been crushing on St. Clair for ages – she’s friends with Anna and St. Clair), St. Clair’s family life but the bottom line – LACK OF BLEEDING COMMUNICATION?!~

So lets start off with Anna Oliphant, originally from Atlanta; she is shipped off to the pretentious school, SOAP to complete her studies. Anna is sweet, brave, wholesome and joyful throughout the book – she is insanely loyal to her new bunch of friends ~Which I absolutely love in a character~ Anyway Anna had her fair share of struggles especially with her long distance relationships with Bridgette Saunderwich, Christopher “Toph” and Matt, the love ”square” ~Yes there are 3 girls vying for Etienne’s love and adoration namely Ellie, Anna and Meredith~ Anna receives constant on-and-off love signals from Etienne – which she dealt with impulsively and bravely ~I was really proud of each choice she made regardless of the consequences – because hey if I were her I would be doing the same thing~ I really empathized for Anna – she was absolutely scared of ending up alone and even admitting her feelings (to herself and Etienne) that could destroy a friendship that was built from the start of the book until the end ~But not only that.. a friendship that she truly depends on~ Some of Anna’s decisions were really rash – lets not go into the holiday break in Atlanta – that was truly disastrous… also her little romance with Dave ~*Shudder* absolutely cringe-worthy~ Usually I hate Southern twang in books, yes everyone Anna is a southerner but Stephanie only put the right amount in deserving places which just adds to Anna ~It’s the small intricacies that count~ Ultimately an amiable heroine with a severe old day movie obsession and a few neurotic tendencies. I loved that Stephanie fleshed out Anna so much – I just felt like I was there the whole time watching Anna carry out her life.

Going onto St. Clair! He is totally amazing boy lead… he wasn’t the typical male lead of a book – clichéd six-foot tall, rock-star hair, hunky jock. ~Thank god – that was probably what sets him apart from other love interests in other books~ He was short, brunette ~wait the book did say he did have rock-star-totally-careless-but-hot-hair… my bad~ and a history dork… oh and plus he has an english accent ~Surely beats Southerner twang in American books… why am I carrying on about the twang?! Please don’t answer that!~ St. Clair had his insecurities – namely he was scared also to end up alone under his over baring father while his mother is staying in California… His relationship with Ellie ~That definitely pissed me off~ you could see from the start that they were growing apart, he always ended up going back to her when things got tough ~Which I wasn’t impressed with when there was Anna right in front of him~ Ellie and St. Clair were in different worlds to start off with (Ellie, a freshman in university and St. Clair a senior at SOAP) and he still remained with her even when he had strong feelings for Anna… Not his strong point I must say. He and I both have something in common – we are both afraid of heights ~I was impressed when he overcame his fear of heights (maybe only temporary) to proclaim his love~ The bottom line was he was absolutely swoon-worthy.

The relationship between Anna and St. Clair felt so honest and true, it made my heart absolutely ache – romances like theirs rarely exist in real life – but Stephanie made it feel totally real and normal for me. Thank the heavens! Anna doesn’t fall in love at first sight ~That’s what I’m not impressed about most books have silly girls falling for the guys in the first few chapters – but not this one~ Anna’s feelings grow gradually throughout the book. First, she acknowledges only Etienne’s hotness, but accepts he is taken and is content with friendship. ~But as you get sucked in more and more by the desirable vortex named Anna and the French Kiss~ The pair get to know each other – she sees there is more than meets the eye and voila she starts falling for him… only a little at the start but as their friendship grows and they become intimate ~Emotional intimacy guys, not physical yet~ the relationship turns straight to Lovetown. The crackling tension, the humour, wandering through the streets of Paris and old movies combined with endless conversations and brilliant banter – all leads to one thing…LOVE! The book captures the awkward moments, the bad decisions, insecurities and fights in relationships – the ultimate flip of the coin…That is all at the heart of one fantasmagorical book. Stephanie explores this relationship so well the reader just has to crave more – her writing is indeed excellent. A highlight of the book I think is when Etienne first starts to become Anna’s rock --  when he first buys her the banana and an elephant it made my heart just ache and ache and ache. The chemistry between Anna and Etienne is amazing, you can’t help but wish them together, regardless the circumstances.

Both main and secondary characters were fleshed out realistically – thank god, the group of friends Anna hung with: soccer-mad Meredith, artsy Josh, intelligent Rashimi were all diverse which I am truly thankful for you don't want the same group of clichés in all books. I actually came to like Matt, at the start of the book Anna sort of hung a rain cloud over his head – but he definitely came through as a supportive guy for Anna in the end, I question him being with Cherrie Millen though ~they seemed happy so I leave it be~ Bridgette Saunderwich seemed smart at the start – a total cool friend, I liked her emails to Anna at the start but then she gradually stopped – I was proud of her for getting in Toph’s band but that definitely had a flip coin, I hated her lack of guts just to tell Anna the truth about her relationships with her younger brother and Toph… It just proved how unworthy she was as a friend. Toph was a bit touch-and-go sort of guy – he was labelled Anna’s overseas crush – but truly did disappoint, I’m thankful to Matt for revealing all of his (Toph’s) weaknesses – because it was just a cold hard slap for Anna who just lived in a Toph-is-totally-gonna-take-me-back-once-I-come-home-from-Paris-utopia…Let me tell you she deserved it. Now this book didn’t feature a villain as such… I guess you could say Amanda – she was definitely a cold hearted bitch, but she played her part very well – made Anna’s life absolutely hell… She just highlighted Anna’s perseverance and resilience in life.

I’m going to wrap up now, this book was just amazing – I can’t describe in words how great this book was, but its safe to say in the future I will definitely be re-reading it… Its one of those romances that touch your soul – without the sappiness, it makes you want to jump pages and ultimately become friends with all of the characters. Perkin’s Anna and the French Kiss made me laugh out loud, shed a few tears, and left me with a kind of silly and content grin (and even sleep deprived and caused a huge headache for staying up until the early hours of the morning reading this book – but let me tell you its definitely worth it). This is one of the best books I have read – it is absolutely deserving of its high ratings and reviews ~I’m even adding to it!~ So make sure you read this book!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Inescapable (The Premonition Series #1) by Amy Bartol

So right about now I'm in a book coma... ~*bleck* Yes, I know I hate it too...~ Usually I go back to my lovely little list of AMAZING books but this time I decided to troll through Goodreads scoping for a good book. ~It took a while -- let me tell you..~ I found Inescapable by Amy Bartol, the book's take on angels and what-not was pretty original (but do note that I haven't read many books with angels in them so that might be very biased) -- the whole each-person-has-a-soulmate-but-the-protagonist-falls-for-the-angel was great. To be completely honest it was exactly like Lauren Kate's Fallen in a couple of ways -- I'll make sure to mention later on..

None of you even know how enthusiastic I was about this book to start off with -- It was one of those books that you don't do a double take on ~YOU JUST GRAB IT!~ -- I mean Hello?! High rating, really great reviews and let me just say a lot of other people were totally into this book... But sorry, I couldn't bring myself to like it...

The book opens to Evie, a strong-willed, inderpendant, lovely girl who is starting freshman at college who immediately runs into 3 different guys: Russell (a freshman (from down south) who has a football scholarship) and Reed (the bad boy and *please insert most-beautiful-sexy-dangerous-attractive-adjective here* guy)... Both the love interests. Anyways she also meets Alfred "Freddie" -- her "friend" however some quotes early in the book divulge the true being he is...

I'm going to divulge a nice little secret -- Reed is the strong, personification-of-hotness angel we are waiting for... and Evie falls for him like a brick in the lurvee fountain. And then there's Russell who is the soulmate who Evie is ment to love and cherish -- but here's the twist -- Amy decides to throw in the "bombshell" -- Evie is half-angel... So here's the decision -- should she be with Russell who grows old (and she doesn't) or be with Reed (and live for ever and ever) -- hard choice.

What doesn't help matters is that Evie can't decide what she wants, she loves one, cares for the other -- can't leave any of them -- and there is definitely no way that this girl can expertly juggle men. So the story drags and drags and drags.

Personally, I don't like Russell at all, as soon as he opened his mouth I just thought, damn he's going to be the love-sick puppy type of guy that follows Evie unconditionally around the whole book -- and what totally exhibited the book to damnation -- Russell has that Southern twang (totally and utterly annoying -- and his manners were perfect [which pissed me off even more -- because no one is perfect?!] -- safe to say he was a total hick. I mean he stood up for her but that just isn't enough -- I just received the friendly vibe off him, oh and how he went about his romance -- those moves of his are totally cringeworthy!

Reed, Reed, Reed -- what can I say I like you one minute, hated you the next... You started off cold-hearted and mean but there were valid reasons for you to be like that... I didn't like that you were totally over-bearing towards Evie.. But once the words "I love You" came from her mouth -- you were totally screwed -- Amy change him up a bit he was way to serious and arrogant for Evie -- I mean yeah there is protective and then there is overly protective... ~That definitely got on my nerves~ Alright, lets add some sugar to the lemon... Reed was incredibly sweet to Evie and went out of his way to make her really happy -- I mean he defeated endless amounts of threatening angels -- that deserves some points. He spoiled her and mentored her in the how-to-be-an-awesome-angel-for-dummies sort of way. I guess he was swoon worthy -- i'm only guessing because I didn't totally fall in love with him -- not like other guys in other books.

So lets back-track to Evie, she was somewhat a highlight character of the story, her perspective was really down to Earth -- she spoke from the heart -- but her words didn't really add to my reading experience a lot... It was sort of disappointing really Amy didn't explore or indulge the characters in any way (to a deep extent).

Do you know how I mentioned it being like Lauren Kate's Fallen in some ways, well here we go.. (For those who have read both books pay attention):
1. Luce meets Daniel and totally falls for him -- however he is really secretive and doesn't want to tell Luce his secret [Evie meets Reed *queue the spice and sweetness* -- he is cold-hearted and overly arrogant that they are both flighty] -- THIS MIGHT BE SOMETHING IN ALL ANGEL GENRED BOOKS... idk

2. Luce is alone and doesn't know anyone in Sword & Cross Boarding School -- especially in the girly sort [Evie doesn't gain any girlfriends until about 1/2 way through the book]

3. Daniel & Co. vs. Roland & Co. [Reed/Zeph/Evie vs. Alfred] -- I knowww all stories have to have this but I had to point it out...

Pressing on, I didn't like the ending at all; I mean defeating the enemy bit of the story was average and then to top it off Amy goes and makes Russell step up to the table -- which I don't think is entirely fair on Reed's behalf -- Amy made it seem that surely only Reed had dibs on Evie and then she pulls this crud! ~Oh I was annoyed because I hated Russell right from the get go. This book was averagely good -- and if you are an Angel-genre-lover then go ahead and read it -- if you think its worthy... Anyway it didn't really affect me that much like some books do -- I didn't love it at all... I guess it was somewhat likeable but this book wasn't for me.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Duff by Kody Keplinger

So when I first went to read this book last year I was just thinking mmmm this is going to be a pretty average book. ~I tend to look at how everyone else rates the book - silly I know but its a habit~ 
I think The Duff didn't get enough recognition than it should have - it was a great book. 

So recently I decided to pick the book up again and was drawn into its wrath.

~Sorry I'm blabbing so just bear with me~

The Duff is centered around Bianca, a "sassy, cynical, sarcastic, neurotic, loyal, compassionate girl" ~Quoted by the on-and-off lover Wesley Rush~ To be completely honest I would agree - thought all those things about her was completely refreshing - Bianca Piper isn't one of those girly characters that sobs off to her boyfriend if something goes wrong - she's strong...         

But unfortunately she finds herself running away from what is good and right...

~Exactly like Emily Brontë's Catherine Earnshaw (from Wuthering Heights) who chooses Linton over Heathcliff - "My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods. Time will change it, my love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath" basically choose the head over the heart (in this circumstance because Catherine chooses Linton even though she ultimately loves Heathcliff) - this also surmises the mindset of Bianca -- choose what is perfect and sweet the nice guy (Toby Tucker) where everything is nice (head) over what is daring, radiant, dynamic and hawtt (Wesley Rush) where you must be on your toes (heart)... but the difference between the two (Catherine and Bianca) is that Bianca fights for what she believes in and ultimately gains love  -- hold up I can't say love because according to Bianca love takes years to develop, so lets just call it "feelings"~

I was actually surprised about Bianca, I really over-looked her pessimism the first time round -- but this time, I took a closer look and decided that there was a point when too much pessimism is enough (she just surpasses my quota in this one). I just begged her to let go and just be free -- she was a bit up tight (due to her stubbornness, cynical-ism, bitterness and sarcasm). 

So lets talk about the problematic word that the story was centered around, DUFF
Designated Ugly Fat Friend -- an ultimate put down to any girl out there -- and who was this said by in the first place -- charismatic, arrogant, womanizer and downright hotness -- Wesley Rush... Basically what it means is -- An unattractive female who is always seen with another female/s who is marginally more attractive, she is known as the cock-blocking friend in the group you're trying to hook up with (this is from a guy's perspective)... so according to Wesley "girls find it sexy when guys show some sensitivity and socialize with the DUFF"... Wesley first says this to Bianca at the Nest -- a local hangout club for teens and ultimately receives a cherry coke to the face ~Round of applause Bianca~ But the word plagues Bianca the whole plot and challenges her self morals and self esteem. Kody definitely sheds a negative upon on the word DUFF, a careless word which has easily blended into today's society (especially the male population) and highlights the devastating effects it can have on the receiver ~Haha sorry about the last sentence -- turns out I have been paying attention in English class -- it is starting to sound a little bit sophisticated so i'll tone it down~ 

Wesley Rush, the epitome of daring, charm, charisma, "badness", flurt and hotness -- a rich all-round bad boy who hides his insecurities behind his womanizing acts, Wesley is the total cliche of a love interest but I like him -- he is definitely dynamic kind of guy -- the "relationship" between Bianca and Wesley is definitely spicy and brimming with pizzazz -- they both see right through each other and understand each other -- the love/hate coin definitely flips seemingly from hate after the fling that they have with each other... The mood when they are together is definitely vibrant and enticing -- but they both have issues holding each other back from achieving a proper boyfriend/girlfriend relationship -- naming-ly the couple's family lives -- Wesley (part- abandonment by his mom and dad as well as his unstable relationship with his sister (Amy) and grandmother) and Bianca (parents are going through divorce, her father's alcohol addiction, being labelled the DUFF and her past dating experience with Jake Gaither (her bestfriend's brother))... But Kody just adds in a love triangle (where Bianca has to choose between Wesley and Toby (I'm getting to Toby so just be patient) -- I thought it was really unnecessary and just a filler to the story's plot)

I've mentioned 2/3s of the "love triangle" so now is the last, Toby Tucker. Toby is the cliche nice guy who is a total dork (bowl cut and wears blazers -- is that even fashionable?) but Toby just exudes niceness and perfection -- in reality no-body is perfect, also nice just feels dead plain to me -- and that is exactly how Bianca thought of him (during/post dating him) she seeks the spice that was achieved by her and Wesley. Toby is smart and has been the long-time crush of Bianca -- but Bianca's fantasy of Toby's perfection isn't met in the books reality -- she learns it the hard way... ~I really wasn't fazed by Toby -- I choose to skip out on the nice guys in most stories because of mainly their niceness and blank nature~ Toby is the sort of character that should have remained Bianca's friend instead of being brought into the triangle -- but that's how it turns out in the end. ~ I think Toby's influence tries to turn Bianca into something that she's not and I was annoyed how Bianca tried to fit into the good-girl stereotype -- especially because there was no spark or connection in their relationship to begin with...~

Casey Blithe and Jessica Gaither, Bianca's bestfriends are definitely supportive throughout the story, I enjoyed Jessica's dumbness (sorry for the putdown but it was necessary) and happy-go-lucky attitude -- it added a vibrancy to the plot. I also like Casey because of her reserved nature -- she looks out for Bianca when things take a downward turn and always worries about Bianca's worries ~that quality about her annoyed me a whole lot as she seemed overly obsessed over Bianca's problems~ I also didn't think the tension was necessary in some scenes between the friends it just made it a whole lot difficult to like the book.

All in all, The Duff was a great book, despite its average ratings on some sites out there it is a good book, however I must warn you: Kody Keplinger does tend to write her books sort of formulaic so be wary when reading -- don't be to quick to judge this book. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a contemporary YA book to read. 

I loved it so why don't you give it a try!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

Bond Girl, Erin Duffy's entry into the world of literature - it is safe to say this book is a combination of Wall Street meets The Devil Wears Prada -- Erin Duffy consciously combined aspects of those two stories to come up with hers. All thoughts along those lines should be banished -- ~Out with the old and in with the new~ — Bond Girl is a "fresh?", "original?" take on the financial market and the women vs men scenario at topic which has surfaced since the days of Helen Gurley Brown ~Yes everyone I do know she was the former editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan from 1965 to 1997 -- basically the spearhead of the female freedom..Don't think I don't know these things when I write my reviews~

Let's face it, Bond Girl isn't “fresh”, “hip” and "original" nor is it even remotely funny. You could basically see the ending of the story from a mile away -- financial crashes (considering this book is about the financial market in the first place -- this is probabely the only juicy stuff it could put out.. And I won't even start about the relationship -- because that deserves a slam paragraph of its own that's how averagely bad it was.. Basically this book was mellow and empty. The only thing you may find interesting about this book is the brief, extremely brief look into the workings of a bond department -- ~Yes finally some inner workings into the stock market -- gone in a flash~..

I didn't hate this book but I was frustrated by a lot of it -- so I'll say its pretty average..

Alex Garrett, ~the women in the middle of the men -- please take your mind out of the gutter when reading that OK..~ the blurb makes her sound like a courageous, brave, unstoppable and independant woman -- but take me seriously when I say the classic line -- don't judge a book by it's cover (or blurb for that matter).. Some books succeed and some books fail to back up their glossy and enticing blurbs and covers when it comes to reading matter.. Now don't start thinking that this book was outstanding -- for me it didn't feel that way.. The protagonist is basically a moot point character -- nothing really stands out about her - yeah she may get ballsy at times but she definitely made the worst decisions..

The Relationship -- on-going, mixed signals relationship with a co-worker, Will. You may pick up some huge warning signs that there is something Will is hiding long before Alex does. In fact, I'd say that is my biggest frustration with the novel--how long it takes Alex to put the pieces together and pull her head out of the sand about Will.. This relationship did not show me that this was a “smart” or good book nor did it prove that Alex was a smart and independent woman like the blurb made her out to be.. She pushed away good men for that cheating bastard -- bad decision by her -- she payed for it in the end.. I absolutely hated how she acted like it was the end of the world when it (the breakup) happened -- she was a downright downer.. She even had an opportunity to pick herself up and become a strong character but she just had to drown in her sad emotions didn't she.. ~Sorry I'm rambling but I can't help it -- this book was destined for more and didn't live up to expectations~

This book is almost identical to “The Devil Wears Prada” -- the only difference in Bond Girl is that Alex’s mentor/boss "Chick" ~It isn't his name just a nickname I swear -- they all have nicknames.. That was one good point -- made it more familiar but other than that NO WAY was it a good book~ is not gay..

The other thing that peeved me off was of course the ending -- the ending in a good book is supposed to draw things to a close OR leave the reader at a cliffhanger wanting more.. Frankly this book did neither of those...Why? Alex hinted at a new career, but an explanation? NO..NONE ..ZIP.. NADA. Alex immediately has to go find the good-guy-that-she-dated-but-blew-off THE DAY she quit her job and spent the afternoon crying "like a fifth grader" ~Quoted from Alex herself~.. It's easily understand that Alex wanted new beginnings -- it was totally rushed to me -- it seemed like the author was done and wanted to tie everything up as quickly as possible -- it definitely reflected. Overally, I enjoyed parts of the book, but felt that the writing was weak overall. I felt this book was written weakly, there was no substance to the plot and the characters were flimsy.. I'd recommend this book to readers who like average boring books ~I should hope there is nobody like that~


Friday, April 13, 2012

Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James

The Series in order from left to right -- Fifty Shades of Grey (1),
Fifty Shades Darker (2) and Fifty Shades Freed (3)
I decided than write 3 long reviews about 3 really good books, I'd just write one good one. ~I promise not to make it go on forever and ever -- I don't want you readers to fall asleep before the end of the review~

To start off these book was enthralling -- they had me under a spell for all 3 of the books. ~For my book standards that is pretty damn good~ They were honestly an amazing read - I was a bit tentative starting the books ~I was in such a blank spot -- by that time I had read all of my collection a few times over.. Just plain bored and my enthusiasm levels were low~ However, this is one of the best series the romance genre has to offer..

Anastasia "Ana" Grey née Steele, a university graduate who becomes the assistant to the commissioning editor at SIP (later the commissioning editor). At the start of the series Ana starts out shy and quiet in nature and emitted an aura of innocence however through the series progression she becomes more confident in herself and actions -- frequently standing up for her beliefs and strived to protect her loved ones.

Christian Grey, a billionaire CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. At the start of the series Christian is reserved, possessive, stalkerish, authoritarian, elusive, mercurial, serious, arrogant, cold-hearted, controlling ~Definitely controlling~ and lacked in empathy and sympathy, though with time (through the series) these qualities lessened or vanished and were replaced with love, kindness and caring etc etc etc ~All the mushy lurrve qualities -- BTW the controlling is still there~ as he openned up his distraught and depressed world to his love Ana.

At the start (Fifty Shades of Grey) Christian ~With all his ugly qualities~ contracts Ana Steele to be his sub.. ~Yes when I say sub I mean the whole BDSM scene~ Ana is of course a virgin and is completely innocent when it comes to the topic of sex and doesn't have any experience ~Hence dubbed virgin -- why am I repeating myself I'm not sure~.. By saying that she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to BDSM or sex hence questioning everything that they adventure upon ~Too much to list and not gonna tell you.. you'll just have to read it -- besides im trying to make this review as least dirty as possible~.. Ana very well becomes attracted - and eventually in love - with Christian and wants to be in a relationship with him. Ana feels a connection to him that she has never felt with any other person and she wants him in her life. ~Her attempts to balance the connection and love for Christian were depicted fantastically.. It's really easy for the readers (excluding myself) to react, think and feel the exactly the same as her -- Ana is an extremely relatable character~.. However this is not the case with Christian who is emotionally unstable and strives to control and dominated everything ~and I mean everything when I say everything~ (including his sex life -- BDSM dominant).. His BDSM necessities clash with Ana's wants for a loving relationship -- he needs Ana to live basically.. The contract becomes void due to differing ideas and Ana walks out on Christian regardless of her love for him.

One big No No for me was the BDSM -- I'm not a BDSM reader or follower - I don't understand it ~I'm not saying this to offend anyone~.. The BDSM scene felt foreign to me but E.L. James made it seem entirely believable and put a good spotlight upon it.

From the first page of their encounter, the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian was off the charts -- their Dom/Sub relationship was so intense. Their connection throughout the novel radiates strength despite Ana and Christian's backgrounds -- the constant back and forth of them trying to fit together, trying to understand what the other wants, what they themselves want, etc etc etc. The dialogue, the emails, the banter and flirting between them was marvelous -- ~Silly grins plastered my face for most the entire book~..

This goes back to my first point, but I was just so amazed by how realistic their relationship seemed, despite the BDSM sub/dom factor It was complex, distressing, uplifting and somewhat hopeful.

(Fifty Shades Darker), Anastasia Steele has broken up with Christian Grey because his demands were too overwhelming for her manage. (Not much time has passes since their separation) -- tare both are heart sick and make their way back to each other through Christian’s crafty ploys. Meanwhile, Ana establishes her career in the publishing industry.

The couple journey down a much more treacherous impassioned journey when it comes to opening up and laying bare many deep rooted emotional scars. As layers of Christian’s past are stripped away, Ana and Christian grow as a couple by learning to meet each others emotional needs, further entwining their already connected hearts together.

Two women from Christian’s past push Ana’s hot buttons which forces the couple to confront the outcome of Christian’s past predilections. Parallelally, Ana contends work issues -- her boss and his questionable intentions...

~Do note this book contains little to none BDSM rather extremely hot plain/normal "vanilla sex" -- quoted by Christian Grey himself~

(Fifty Shades Freed), this book was the most perfect way to end the series -- the couple progressed immensely but suffered their share of setbacks.. ~I'm not gonna delve into this too much because I would most likely unleash all the good spoilers -- they are that great~.. The couple in themselves have changed immensely (especially Fifty -- if you've read the book you'd know that he is Christian) and also the characters around them.

This series felt completely honest; the main characters, their relationship, and the subject matter. Reading this book feels like an intimate act, because Ana and Christian are truly laid bare for the reader to see. Their relationship is so honest -- they both try to be open with one another about their feelings and their doubts, they work through their relationship and help each other face their pasts and ultimately become better people..

This series is extremely well-written. The obstacles are within themselves and their relationship as well as other happenings (not going to explain it will spoil the second book). It had subtle but sizzling chemistry and sexual tension, complex and sophisticated characters and plots ~the characters and storyline weren't cliched or superficial in any way, shape or form... YAY YAY YAY~... However I do have a bone to pick with this series -- there is a level ~for me -- maybe not for you~ where too much sex just makes it boring ~despite how descriptive E.L. James writes it~ this book series went over the top sometimes and I felt myself becoming bored of the frequency...

I'll leave you with this quote (which I found in one of Fifty Shades Darker reviews [by Elizabeth] -- I think it summed up the whole series)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly" - Sam Keen, Author


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

This book was probably one of my most anticipated novels to be released this year -- I had it in my mind that it could top Stephanie Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss -- I was so rapt... After reading it however I was severely disappointed.
~The story and characters were just one big fumble of a book, however the writing was alright~ 

I didn't enjoy the book to be frank -- it was just a story going nowhere.. It was extremely awkward and there were multiple times I gave up ~It just took a lot of chanting -- "OMG it might get good you never know" but unfortunately that didn't result into anything~

I was sooo looking forward to the book because of the blurb -- The-invisible-girl-in-a-happily-ever-after-with-the-golden-boy-and-the-girl-has-to-overcome-her-insecurities-to-achieve-this clichè... ~Ha! Try reading that without a breath~ Mel, I gotta say well done in exciting every fan with your great blurb --  But sorry, you DIDN'T deliver. How must I start to fathom the wrongs? 

The main character Ella, a weak and insecure girl who is soo rapt up in everything to do with her insecurities (her burn scar and how people looked at her) and was seriously JUDGMENTAL, severely INSECURE -- basically a bottom-line DOWNER. Ella was completely clichèd and was really weird -- I mean come on she would have conversations with him -- I thought that was damn right weird -- you don't talk to imaginary people (unless the author writes it very very well -- Mel didn't -- her's is a prime example of a complete fail).. Melissa Jensen didn't bother to fully explore Ella -- I just felt that she wasn't fleshed out at all. She didn't make me feel any emotion at all ~Which really does suckk~

Next up we have Alex Bainbridge, "the golden boy" of Willing School, he is pretty plain guy really, Mel just really fluffs him up to look better than he actually was -- he didn't have pizzazz or any stand-out qualities -- basically a typical nice guy however he does get the girl.  I was just expecting so much more from him. In my opinion he had his nice moments, but was downright cold to everyone who wasn't of the same monetary status as him -- just didn't do it for me. Also I don't think he had any rememberable qualities -- I mean only the best do -- what I mean is most fans remember swoon worthy quotes of their favourite book fantasies -- if this were my book fantasy it would be seriously lacking. I did however like how he showed Ella to actually love and value herself -- I admire him for that.

Edward Willing?! Why did you have to introduce him into the book? Isn't this story supposed to be a romance story not a historical adventure into the past, which was pretty much all the story was (you definitely strayed a far way from the blurb, I must add). Having Ella talking to a figment in her imagination was a bit schizo.. and this ultimately added to the crash and burn of this book. I mean, history is sometimes interesting but for it to be added into the book it has to be in either subtle small amounts or just has to be underlying, this book had history streaming out of its ears -- it may as well as been a well-slept-on-history-textbook
The romance between the two of them was sweet at times, but I just didn't see them as a couple material -- in other words it was written very weak -- no sophistication to make it even believable -- it was only skin deep.. I mean where the hell was any sexual action or hot scenes? Well there was none ~Awkward~ Having no romance is a b
it of a bummer -- The book supposed to be about a romance between Alex and Ella? I don't know -- I only saw a little scattering of it -- the romance is the one of the best parts in books, as well as some of the action~ 

The slight highlight of the book was actually the secondary characters -- Ella's bestfriends (Frankie and Sadie) -- I found Frankie more enjoyable to read than Sadie -- he was hilarious -- he added a slight spark to the book but that's about it..

I didn't enjoy or love this book... I'm trying to be more optimistic when it comes to Melissa Jensen's future novellas because this one didn't do it for me..

~I hope you other readers/potential readers out there like/will like this book more then I did -- because I definitely didn't~ 

This book was an epic FAIL... The end


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amplified by Tara Kelly

~Ok well I know some of you out there say that "OMG?!" this book is amazingg -- thats great and that must mean you obliviously enjoyed it~

But sadly, I didn't.. Sorry Tara but for me you didn't win me over. The blurb was great -- that's what brought me to your book in the first place. It sounded soo great.. Thats the downfall these days with some books -- totally awesome blurbs but doesn't deliver in the actual story.

This book is basically about Jasmine Kiss, an uptight, rebelious, sassy and fiery bitch who struts around town lying to everyone. She's homeless and doesn't want to go back to her father and ultimately conforming. She decides to sign up for a band so she can live -- turns out she hasn't told the band she has never played live before.

Look everyone these qualities are a cliche of a badass chick ~Usually most authors epically fail at writing these sorts of characters -- but there are a select few who can, but sorry you couldn't Tara~ Jasmine totally frustrated me with her ignorant decisions and her "rebellious" choices -- in other words she was a difficult character.

Next up we have Sean Clove - basically a cold downer -- apparently the love interest ~this guy needs happy pills~ anyway he is soo indecisive when it comes to romantic involvement - I found him very "jerky" ~what I'm trying to say is that he found it quite hard to choose which girl -- back and forth etc, etc~ *Tsk Tsk* I felt like yelling at him "Make up your mind buddy seriously?!"

And his twin sister Veta Clove, an outrageously wild lesbian ~By saying this I'm not discriminating lesbians~ she was sort of the only character I liked in this story -- she oozed enthusiasm and pizzazz, she was somewhat the definition of a strong chick who literally owned the stage.

~There are a lot more characters than this they just owned the spotlight in the story - those who've read it would know~

The story itself didn't satisfy me, it was definitely cliche (badass chick roughs it out because she felt a streak of rebellion -- meets love interest - she loves him, he's a dick - falls for another girl then gets his heart broken. Chicks bitch fight then then they all live happily ever after) ~NOT MY THING!~

Tara honestly you didn't dig deep enough - didn't explore emotion... For me it just reached a point where the excitement continued at the same rate. ~Books are supposed to get better as they progress aren't they??~ I didn't feel that urge to finish it out of dire need rather "may as well" (considering I have read all my reading collection of books -- this book was new meat)

~When I say that I'm moot point I think it could be the fact that I'm against music (with the exception to listening to it -- which I frequently do).. It's just that I've never found playing an instrument interesting -- sorry music fanatics but it's my opinion.. And this book seemed to feature a whole lot of music and its jargon - a whole lot of confusion for me~

I was truly disappointed with this book - it didn't live up to its expectations for me ~But remember this is my opinion~ I would rate this a 3/5 - I didn't love it or hate it rather moot point.. I'd suggest this for those who are rock music lovers, romantics or music enthusiasts (in general) ~One, Both or all Three for that matter~


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS LIKE CRACK -- Shout out to Torie (whoever she may be for that one?)

~Making a statement here --- One of the BEST books I've read~

But seriously when i say emotionally exhausting i totally stand by that - when it comes to this book.

Beautiful Disaster was a story that sucked me in from the beginning and kept me on a crazy roller coaster while the two leads figured out their passionate relationship. 

~In this bit I might get a bit whiny~ 

We have protagonist, Abby "Pigeon" Abernathy -- an innocent, virginal girl who loves to whine and huff over every choice that she makes -- creates most of the heartbreak due to her extremely rash decisions over LOVE of all things - i felt like yelling "MAKE UP YOUR MIND GURRL?!" at her the whole book..

As well as  Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox --  the bad boy, underground boxing fighter -- basically totally bad ass, arrogant manwhore.. ~Oh Oh wait i need to finish off this cliche~ Major hottie?? and don't forget that he has tattoos and rides motorcycles

Travis sees Abby as a challenge because she doesn't throw herself at him -- she is kind of rude and up-herself to him

Decide to be friends ~Regardless the fact that its pretty clear that it's only a matter of time before they finally give into their crazy hawt hawt hawt chemistry -- See i even used alliteration there just to emanate how great this is -- gee i must pay attention in English 

They decide to make a bet on one of Travis's fights -- basically if he wins without a scratch she has to move in with him ~Not to mention sleep in the same bed with him~ for a month or if he loses he has to go without sex with chicks for a month...

~Not gonna say the result -- pretty damn obvious because the bet is basically the event that advances the plot~

HOWEVER, they both have lots of issues so basically they keep pushing each other away. Eventually they do get together but they still have a lot of ups and downs before they finally get things figured out.

~If you are looking for a book filled to the top with hawt bad boyz -- this would be a good choice *VOTE #1*... BTW i didn't go for this book because of that reason -- i just read it because it looked good~

This book is a bit of a roller-coaster ride -- so i suggest strap yourself in because there is a whole lot of UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN moments etc etc.. these two fight and make up profusely -- it is extremely hard to keep track..

~Until they finally figure out they want to be together (well he knew right away but she needed to admit it)~

The epilogue however, wasn't to my taste -- it seemed very rushed and over-committed, i don't think Abby or Travis were both emotionally ready for this step ~Not gonna say it -- your just gonna have to read it yourself~

~Recommendation to those who love hot steamy romance, well written chick flick books and those who would can brave an emotional roller-coaster -- cos this book had me all over the shop~

 I'd say separately these characters suck -- but together they were amazing steamy -- i hail Jamie McGuire because of this -- some authors don't provide a lot of depth into the relationship -- rather cliche and superficial but gee this book is filled with spice.

In conclusion this book is one BIG juxtaposition ~I hope that makes sense??~ and i loved it i was just swept off my feet.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Trust in Advertising by Michelle Michaels

Trust in Advertising -- a hot and cold rollercoaster

The story is told from both Alexandra "Lexi" White -- a seemingly shy woman who takes some hard knocks in life but manages to overcome her shell of disbelief as well as harbouring a major crush that has grown over the years for her boss (Vincent).

And Vincent "Vince" Drake -- a naive, arrogant, hot-and-cold and blind "hottie" who is Lexi's boss who deals with his demon -- naivety to achieve true love and success. Not only that -- he deals with his past deceptions (people walking out on him, letting him down and leaving him alone) and turns from the cold and bitter fool to a joyful, warm and loving.

The thing i really loved about this book was definitely the banter between Lexi and Vincent but not only that -- the growing attraction between the two..

But Vincent has a choice to make:

Exhibit A: Lexi (~basically i told you about at the top~)

Exhibit B: Jade (a superficial model -- blatantly shallow and bitchy who is extremely narcissistic)

~Despite this  who does Vincent choose the girl that is good for him -- NOOOOO~

He chooses Jade because she's the safe option -- she could never get close enough for him to open up his heart to her. 

Instead he fights his growing attraction and love for Lexi -- His family loves her and encourages her to go after him but Vincent's past has made him bitter, angry and mistrusting of people and see her as the key to unlocking his real self. 

It all comes down to a loyalty and trust issues...scandal rocks the family advertising firm and sometimes things don't look the way they actually are -- does he trust Lexi ~the "unsafe" option?? Quoting Vincent -- What the Hell??~ or Jade ~Severe megabitch who loves terrorising everyone -- the apparent "safe" option?? Once again quoting Vincent ~

Who is telling the truth? Can Vincent -- who has been let down, lied to and betrayed in the past recognize loyalty and truth? 

This story follows it's own formula for contemporary romance rather than the normal script. 

~FYI not very much sex scenes -- just some hot kisses -- finally a first because most contemporary romantic books have to have sex in it to portray a "loving relationship" but this book had  an intense sense of longing, attraction and emotion of a relationship without it -- YAY YAY YAY~

Lexi's years of silently loving this boy now man -- seeps into you ~because I definitely felt the longing~
I felt the hurt -- seeing him with Jade. 

Victoria Michaels  does a wonderful job showing Vincents growing attraction and addiction to Lexi as he contemplates letting Jade go to take a chance and trusting again.

To be honest the ending wasn't all that great -- it was extremely rushed -- after reading so many romance novels -- I MISS THE SEX SCENES! -- no matter how big or small

The scene at the end with them interacting with Vincent's family again was pretty vague -- What of Sean and Hope or Christina and Julian (even though it featured Christina and Julian) -- it wasn't deep.